Class Schedule

Day Time Level Schedule
Tues 8AM All Levels Lotus Yoga
Tues noon All Levels Seattle Yoga Arts
Thurs 8AM All Levels Lotus Yoga
Fri 10AM Deepening Seattle Yoga Arts
Fri Noon Essentials Seattle Yoga Arts
Sun 4:30PM Gentle Seattle Yoga Arts
Sun 6PM Essentials Seattle Yoga Arts

Public Yoga Classes

“Bianca provides a wonderful, safe and nurturing environment using humor and compassion to explore deep issues.” -NB, Artist

Whether or not you are a nervous beginner or a seasoned yoga practitioner, you will be warmly welcomed in my classes.  I structure every class to cultivate the most appropriate challenge for each person with emphasis on self-awareness and self-regulation.  My hope is your practice is nourished and sustainable, particularly when exploring new territory and the challenges that are prone to arise periodically in practice.

Each class is also structured to incorporate context and meaning from our lives.  You will hear physically oriented instructions and cues on how to incorporate your mental awareness in your practice. You will have the opportunity to explore foundational yoga principles and contemporary life experiences through the medium yoga.  This brings your practice to life in ways that not only help to sustain it, but to expand your access to personal agency and creative expression.

If you come to with specific concerns or injuries, please feel free to check in.  I will do my best to support your needs from a strong foundation in anatomy and physiology.  In addition student requests about verbal or physical adjustments will be honored.

Ultimately my goal is to meet you where you are at and provide you with the support and experience to discern your strengths and become comfortable with what your boundaries may be in order to increase your vitality and love of your own embodiment.

May you practice from your highest and with great sensitivity.  May you be able to tap into your body, mind, and heart in ways that are deeply grounding, expansive, and healing.

Private Sessions

Schedule Your Session

Do you need some space to work towards your goals in realistic and successful ways, but shy away from the public class format?  Considering private sessions may be the most effective way to do that.

When we work together in private sessions, I take the time to hear your concerns, your previous experiences, and what you’ve been challenged by in your body; physically, emotionally and mentally.

We will work together to clarify how you envision where you want to be in your body and what you think is keeping you from being there.  The process of creating sessions together to meet your needs involves active inquiry and dialogue.

Our work together may include the familiar postural work of yoga (yoga asana), working with the breath (pranayama), meditation practices and the integration of philosophical foundations of yoga.

No two sessions are necessarily the same, but each time the intention is to support you to the fullest on a journey that brings you where you want to go.

Schedule a Private Session

Gain a greater understanding of the wealth of resources you have available through a private session. Private yoga sessions are available at Seattle Yoga Arts (Capitol Hill) and Lotus Yoga (Columbia City), and possibly your home or office.  Contact me to schedule your session.

Bianca will contact you within 24 hours.

Cancellation Policy

Clients are required to provide at least 24-hours notice for any cancellations or changes to appointment times in order to avoid a full-fee charge for missed appointments.