About Bianca

Bianca Raffety, LMP

Since I was very young, I had a strong draw towards fostering health and well-being through largely unconventional paths.  My journey has amazing, demanding, inspiring, and eventually enduring in the philosophy and practices of yoga.

What draws me most into yoga as a healing approach is the re-integration of the mind, body, and heart which informs the practices we can access in everyday circumstances and in specific situations.  In order to deepen my knowledge and understanding of life and embodiment I studied meditation, postural yoga & breathing practices, and yoga philosophy with many great teachers and friends.  In compliment to this, I also became a massage therapist as a means to understanding the body and how we live in it.

I started practicing yoga in the late 1980’s and began teaching yoga and practicing massage therapy in 2002.  Throughout this process I have been continually amazed at the significant and meaningful healing that has taken place in the amazing people I have had a pleasure to serve.

Due to the experiences of my own healing journey and witnessing it in others, I started developing programs that were more specifically geared towards individuals suffering from emotional distress, particularly depression, anxiety, trauma, and individuals struggling with acute and chronic pain.  It has been my experience that there is a tremendous amount of overlap between physical pain, mental distress, and emotional upheaval.  This avenue for exploration has now led me to furthering my understanding of the body, mind, and heart of our life experiences through the pursuit of a Masters of Psychology at Seattle University.  I hope to further expand my understanding in order that I may continue to provide the most support and guidance as possible to the people I have the opportunity to work with.

As I continue to move forward in this journey I wish to offer a deep bow of gratitude to my first yoga teacher and dear friend Denise Benitez and the many amazing teachers I studied with in Anusara Yoga – SarahJoy Marsh, Betsy Downing, Sianna Sherman, Ross Rayburn, Desiree Rumbaugh, and John Friend – for their dedication and insight.  I also am deeply grateful for the many meditation teachers I’ve had the opportunity to study with, most particularly to Paul Muller-Ortega and the practice of Neelakantha Meditation.