Give yourself the opportunity…..

….to climb out of your box

Most days you’re probably confined to a particular set of activities and spaces.  Our bodies get patterned through these constraints so that we “forget” that we are capable of much more than our environment normally demands of us.  Through the movements of yoga and the way that a yoga practice can help you break out of limited ways of moving, breathing, and thinking, you begin to remember that you are capable of more than you thought possible.  Through yoga, insight, refinement, and well-being are awakened in you.

…to develop your strength

Yoga provides the framework to develop skills towards greater strength and increased freedom, while at the same time addressing pain and challenging patterns in the body.  The postural practice of yoga has the very practical benefit of creating the kind of physical stress in the body to support your bones and cultivate healthy joint movement.  You also get the opportunity to lean into uncomfortable experiences and learn that you are capable of meeting that discomfort without compromising your health and wellbeing, while at the same time, learning how this particular kind of tension can have great benefit for ways of thinking as well as ways of moving.

…to connect to community

Community connection is a great way to move out of the isolation and stress of our contemporary society.  When we come together to practice yoga, we connect with individuals who may live in the same neighborhoods we do, work in the same areas, or simply have some shared interest in what yoga has to offer.  Through this connecting, we encounter more ease in connecting with individuals we might not otherwise know, we have the opportunity to spend time with friends or neighbors we rarely see, and in general serve the need of being in connection with other human beings in the powerful moments we encounter our uncomfortable moments together.

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